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What Got You Here, Won't Get You There! Reinventing Self!

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

At each stage of their career, leaders must negotiate new transitions. Everytime, they must reinvent themselves, develop new behaviors, and discard obsolete habits.

Early on, humans learn to recognize what is expected of them and to conform to those expectations in exchange for a 'reward'. Success in life and in the workplace depends heavily on our ability to decipher what is expected or not expected of us and to respond effectively. It is a process that starts from the outside and impacts our deepest being (outside in process).

However, long-term success cannot be conceived without an intensive personal work to understand who we really are and how we can rebalance our deepest being and consequently our leadership, by clarifying and letting our personality, our purpose, express itself with strength and serenity (inside out process).

The best leaders, those who succeed in delivering short-term performance and transforming their organisation by mobilizing their teams over the long term, continuously work on clarifying and developing their personal leadership. They influence their teams and create synergies with efficiency without toxic effects, they are serene, they sublimate and capitalise on the best talents. They make better decisions.

Business transformation, performance improvement, innovation, talent engagement and progress all stem from the ability of influential leaders to develop themselves personally, sincerely, deeply.

I wish you a happy Easter full of renewal and reinvention!


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