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Stressed? Frustrated? Nervous? Exhausted? Need a Vacation? Maybe You're Victim of Misalignment!

Many of you look forward to the vacations with relief. After all, don't we all need a vacation to recharge our batteries? But from what? After all, shouldn't we be building a life where we no longer need vacations, like our ancestors did? Maybe you're simply victim of misalignment. In short, our energy comes from 3 types of motivation: Pleasure (our nature), Ambition and Obligation. For example, I may take pleasure in maintaining my house because I love it, and I forget everything when I'm doing it. This is the source of motivation that's closest to our deepest nature, the most powerful and the least energy-consuming: the P motivation. I can tidy my house with determination, because without necessarily enjoying the activity, I like the result. It's the motivation that pushes us out of our comfort zone and into our own development. This motivation when used in controlled doses enables us to develop new skills. However, it consumes much more energy than the first, and building a life on this motivation alone inevitably leads to failure and frustration. This is motivation A. Finally, I may not like the activity nor be interested in the result, but act out of social conformity. Someone like me must have a spotless house. In this case, we act out of social obligation to please a certain category. This is the case of the son who becomes a doctor or lawyer to please his parents. This is motivation O. The most energy-draining. We all build a life that finds its source of motivation in a clever mix of the three. And yet, most of our successes and greatest joys are based first and foremost on the P motivation as the essential driving force, on the A, to develop the missing skills that can stand in the way, and rarely on the O, except to jump-start us, to trigger awareness. I wish you a revitalizing summer and some healthy reflection to help you start the new work year on the right footing, or perhaps even on a new footing! Have a great summer (or winter, depending on where you are)!


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