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Past Experience Is Not a Reliable Indicator of Future Success

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

In the ‘old normal’, many thought it was enough to use past leadership experience as a clear indicator of future sucess. But today, advances in business and HR practices – widespread use of data, greater transparency, and increased expectations – have highlighted the conventional network-based recruitment model’s major problems.

The first flaw relates to success of newly appointed leaders. It turns out that experience in a similar past job does not translate to performance in a new job and that personally known contacts of a search-consultant or executive do not make more effective new leaders – especially where change is fast, and roles are complex.

The second flaw relates to diversity of newly appointed leaders. Through an excessive focus on prior connections and resume similarity, similar people are put forward for jobs and so similar people get jobs. The restrictive effect of the conventional search model reduces leader diversity, a major problem that is widely observed by researchers, industry bodies and businesses alike.

It is now clear, to attract the most effective leaders a more analytical approach is needed.

Read Richard Moore, CEO of Mercuri Urval, for more ...


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