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One Good Tip to Stay on Top of Things in the Current Context!

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

As summer gradually draws to a close, there is a mixed feeling that business is picking up, but we could be entering a darker period. Doomsayers are predicting the worst crisis ever, while others are rejoicing that the situation is not as bad as expected. Only time will tell who is wrong. In the meantime, every region of the world has its own challenges to face: potential recessions, inflation, talent shortages, rising commodity prices, the collapse of the real estate market, etc. In this context, new transformation projects are announced, causing change fatigue.

How can we avoid losing our heads in this context? Everyone reacts to this with more or less appropriate responses: burnouts, resignations, quiet quitting, forced individualism, increased competitiveness, harshness. The stress of not being able to achieve one's goals, combined with an individual instinct to survive in an increasingly competitive context, pushes many of us to (over)adapt to external circumstances, flex our muscles and clench our jaws without considering what we personally need.

The risk exists that we discipline our bodies and minds into something that we are not cut out for. Yet, as we all know, long-term sustainable success can only come from doing what we're meant to do, aligning our unique talents and values with what we aspire to achieve. This is not a luxury. On the contrary, this is the only way to find the strength, solidity and stability needed to win the long run. Whether you're leading an organization or aspiring to become a leader, don't underestimate the value of strengthening the core (your "self"), especially in troubled times, and make as much effort to work on yourself as you would naturally make to cope with external demands.

Slowing down, reading, taking time to pause and reflect, talking with peers, listening for inspiration, working with a coach or mentor, learning, taking care of your body and mind are all good ways to work on self. If you are in charge of people, inspire them to do the same! This is worth any change program.

I wish you a great Q3/Q4 and all the inspiration you need to prove the doomsayers wrong.

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