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Never Again!

It is with my head in the clouds (it's a metaphor, they are rare in Dubai), but with my feet in the mud (sand in this case) as the saying goes, that I wanted to share this reflection with you.

On this eve of the celebration of the Armistice, which ended the First World War, I can't help but think that history is repeating itself. Never again, we said at the time. Maybe one day we will really learn from our past mistakes.

But whether it is to initiate a profound transformation or simply to make a humble contribution to a better, more fulfilled, more advanced world, there are men and women who commit themselves more consciously, more fully than others: these are the leaders. In their community, their organization, their country. By their presence, their example and their actions, they show the way to their fellow men and women and 'make a dent in the universe.'

On this day, I wish you peace and serenity! May this day inspire your leadership and encourage you to continue on this path of continuous improvement. Remember: one percent of daily improvement produces a radical change in only one year, let alone over a lifetime!


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