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Essential KPIs: The Two Ps

If I were to simplify the performance indicators of a leader, I would use the 2 Ps formula.

Indeed, leaders have two key responsibilities: Performance and Passion.

Performance I think speaks for itself. It's the results produced on a daily basis, quarter after quarter. Without performance, the organization costs more than it brings in (in financial terms at least).

Passion. Injecting passion into your environment is about creating enthusiasm and desire. It is this extra soul that attracts talent, by word of mouth, that retains the best talent and makes them want to excel. It is the extra performance on a daily basis, but it is also the future of the company.

Today, the financial world that governs us has its eyes riveted on Performance. One can appreciate it or not, but it is an inescapable fact.

The question is how does the organization manage to develop or attract leaders who understand that long-term performance is the result of both short-term survival (Performance) and Passion. Not only do they understand, but they also see how their reflexes and behaviours contribute to this passion or, on the contrary, how they lead to short-termism that is harmful to long-term performance and destructive to enthusiasm and sometimes to physical and mental health!


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