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Do Great Leaders Have a Sixth Sense?

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

One of the attributes of great leadership is the ability to 'feel' the future, to bet 'right'. This attribute allows them to anticipate possible developments with a greater acuity than others.

This attribute has two advantages:

1- it gives its holder the courage and foresight to make a bet, and to take a series of consistent decisions to create change and innovate.

2- it has the virtue of clarifying in a worrying and ambiguous world. This reassures the majority of people, in search of certainty and clarity.

This attribute goes beyond blind trust. It is more than a simple gamble coupled with an excess of confidence. It is a real 'sixth' sense.

Of course, none of us here really believes in a true sixth sense. This 'gift' is the result of a unique combination of experience, an unparalleled talent for observation and analysis, a specific form of intelligence, a unique energy, a real taste for risk, and a superior yet prudent self-confidence.

An attribute that is difficult to spot except by relying on examples from the past. But how do you spot these elements in a younger leader?

And how do you develop this attribute? Is it developable or is it an innate talent?

What is your view on this?


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