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Calming the Situation: a Must Do for Leaders!

As the year draws to a close, the pressure is on. With business picking up - sometimes dramatically - and the end of the year approaching, the remaining staff is under pressure. Some see this as a trigger to quit, which doesn't help the situation. Recruitment of additional staff is slow: companies are cautious, and some professions are in short supply. Headhunters are experiencing one of the best years ever. In this context, the role of leaders is more than ever essential. When the wind picks up, any mistake in navigation can have serious consequences. The same is true for leadership: under pressure, mistakes are not allowed. Nevertheless, leaders themselves are under pressure, and as a result, their usual behaviors change. A break is essential. But is it appropriate for leaders to take a break in the middle of the race? In my opinion, it is essential for three reasons:

- Short adjustment breaks with teams helps to reduce adrenaline levels and keep a cool head; they help to calm the game down; - They allow you to keep a human contact with the teams, which will be more than welcome when competitors try to seduce your talents; - They allow the leader to look beyond the finish line in the short term and anticipate the medium and long term. To govern is to foresee! Let's make some time to sit with our people (and with ourselves), and to lead in the noble sense of the word!


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