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Are You Sure Your Employees Are Working For You?

Several of my clients are considering the best hybrid model to adopt after summer: office vs. homework. There are many criteria to take into account including organizational purpose, workflows, job content, regulations or personal preferences. Finding the right balance is not easy.

Finding the appropriate leadership posture is equally challenging: where is the balance between trust and control?

In the meantime, employees have their own responses. One of them, an emerging (anecdotal?) trend: combining two remote jobs. This growing community has its own website overemployed. com. You can read for example 'The 12 rules for working two remote jobs'. One key rule: 'Don't talk about working two remote jobs'.

I find the trend interesting to observe. It shows that employees have learned to detach themselves emotionally from their employer. Nothing new? Maybe not. But organizations concerned with employee engagement need to ask the right questions regarding their own responsibility.

Leaders and managers have often worked their way through the crisis focusing on Transactional Leadership to deliver results. Transformational Leadership has been neglected. It is high time to equip them to play their role fully.


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