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A Bad Investment Is Better Than A Good Spend!

First of all, let me wish you a wonderful year 2023.

May this year bring you what you want or better yet what you need!

It's time for good resolutions. Here are some ideas to explore in order to define your axes of change for the year 2023. Four pillars will help you move forward: health, know-how, finances and mindset.

Health. When you have health, you want a thousand things. When you don't have it or no longer have it, your desires are reduced to regaining your health. It is therefore a precious good. Health is addressed on three fronts: sleep, diet and exercise. How do you sleep? What do you eat and drink? Are you moving more than 30 minutes a day?

Know-how. What skills or qualities will you need to achieve your medium and long-term goals? What is the gap you need to fill? How can you do this? What will you focus on this year?

Finances. Money doesn't solve problems, except financial ones. What strategy do you want to consolidate or develop to increase your income (or reduce unnecessary expenses)? Once you've earned it, how will you make it grow? To avoid the endless well syndrome: the more income, the less savings.

Mindset. We are the sum of our habits. Good and bad. What discipline or habit will you eliminate, implement or reinforce to achieve your goals? In the dynamics of change, there are two great enemies: the demands of daily life and resistance to behavioral change. How will you avoid these two traps?

These goals are more likely to be achieved under three conditions:

- They must come from within and correspond to something that vibrates within you. Goals imposed by social or external pressure are more likely to be demotivating. Ask yourself, "Do I really want this? "Am I willing to pay the price? Why do I want to achieve this goal?" before you confirm your goal.

- Make sure you set a clear and specific goal that is tangible enough for you to stick with. The more you can visualize yourself achieving the goal, the more likely you are to reach it. Choose one goal with maximum leverage rather than several different goals.

- Put one step in front of the other, then start over. Just like achieving group goals, achieving personal goals requires repetition, disciplined execution and close follow-up. It is in the repetition that the habit develops and the chances of results are increased.

So, are you ready to invest in your future or will you spend your time on autopilot? The choice is yours!

I will end with the reaction of an executive I coached this year: "I have only one regret, Olivier. That I did not have this coaching earlier in my life. In fact, I'm going to suggest to my son to contact you as well". The outside input of a professional coach can be extremely helpful in keeping you on track!

Happy New Year 2023! See you soon!


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