• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Winning Minds & Hearts

Updated: Jun 1

In these times of high tension, the role of the leader is more than ever essential in setting the right tone in his/her organization. In the political sphere, we see amazing examples of great leadership, and a lot of the opposite. As a former leader, and when I work with my clients, I see the exacerbation of a dilemma that is usual but more acute today: result vs. relationship. Should I set the pace, focus on the goals no matter what, or should I devote more energy to winning minds and hearts? It's a moment in history that will reveal our deepest values, like with every crisis. Our external stakeholders judge us on performance, of course. Hence the temptation to focus on results only. But our teams judge us - and engage - on our values. It is up to us in all conscience to decide to give in to the temptation or to keep the balance right. Our teams commit to the company's mission, they surpass themselves, they invest energy in their development, because they care. It is an emotional process. Taking into account the emotional factor, understanding its complexity and variety, is not a sign of weakness, it is an act of humanity, and a winning strategy in the long term. #leadership #executivedevelopment #highperformance

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