• Olivier S.E. Courtois

When Is The Last Time You Praised a Team In Your Organization?

Updated: Jun 1

👉 At work, praise is a powerful tool for leaders, particularly when that praise relates to team effort. 👉 However, research shows that many companies fail to recognize team achievements properly. 👉 Recognition helps individuals accurately assess their performance. 👉 It provides the data we need to master new tasks and demands. 👉 It creates positive emotions, inspires broader perspectives and stimulates creative thinking. What you can do now? 👉 Ensure that regular feedback is a key part of your office culture. 👉 Team recognition is better done publicly and to the widest possible audience. 👉 Encourage team members to celebrate each other’s successes. 👉 Link praise to organizational goals. 👉 Read full article by Marco Nink and Jennifer Robison - Gallup Business Journal #leadership #culture #teamsuccess

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