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What Premium Do You Pay to Buy the Loyalty of Your Talent?

Updated: Jun 1

👉 The dynamics of life results from a tension between Individualism - I live for myself, I do what I like, it's my freedom - and Collectivism - I work for the greater good.

👉 We see a perfect illustration of this today when it comes to COVID vaccination : individual freedom or collective responsibility ?

👉 On a professional level, loyalty to a company is somewhat linked to the idea of Collectivism. My company gives me a lot and I owe it my loyalty.

👉 This tacit contract has prevailed in our societies for many decades and still exists in a few (rare) countries. Elsewhere, it has been broken. Today, a company that cares about an employee has to pay a high price to 'buy' his/her loyalty.

👉 Once the COVID crisis is over, probably around 2023/2024, it is likely that there will be an economic boom and an all-out war for talent. And in the face of the onslaught of competitors, it will be necessary to brandish one's weapons. In the absence of other arguments, money might be the only convincing argument.

👉 This new offensive must be prepared today.

👉 What have you put in place in your company to strengthen the loyalty of your talent and attract the new generations?

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