• Olivier S.E. Courtois

What Is The Third Way?

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

In his book 'The Personal Business Plan: A Blueprint for Running Your Life', Stephen Bruyant-Langer speaks of 'the third way'. When you must make a choice between A and B, and the choice is tough, you may want to consider a third way i.e.: opt for an And-And rather than Either-Or approach.

The idea is not new, but I find it quite handy and liberating. When the choice between two options is difficult, we must accept that both choices have benefits that we value. It helps a lot to let go of the tensions generated by the analysis, and to imagine a third way. We must ask ourselves ‘What is the third way’, not 'Is there a third way', pretending there is always one, to trick the brain to look for it. This opens different neuronal connections. I have trained myself to use that question systematically, in the early stages of the reflection process, when facing a dilemma. It is amazing how often there is a third way that integrates the benefits of A & B in one C solution. It does not always work of course. Sometimes, no C solution appears. But next time you are in a similar situation, ask yourselves: ‘What is the third way?’ And be receptive to the response, keeping a growth mindset. You will be surprised! #leadership #executive #ceos

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