• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Virtual Will Not Replace Brick And Mortar!

Updated: Jun 1

Imagine. There is no physical border anymore. You can live wherever you choose. But you have to choose for an e-nationality. All your rights and duty derive from it. Your physical neighbors are e-Estonians or e-Emirati, and you have opted for the new e-Bitcoin nationality. Would there be any sense of community with your physical neighbors or would your virtual community prevail? Would it be possible to build an e-national identity? The point is: in the future, will humans still need physical connections? Can we imagine a world where parents are asked to keep a social distance with their kids? Touching children would become illegal. Babies would be made in incubators. Would the new generation lose the need for physical contact? This all sounds crazy, right? But let's consider this? How much virtual do we need to become before we disconnect from people? New technologies will offer more opportunities to work remotely. But as lockdown has shown, people have a physical need to 'go out and meet other Humans'. As leaders, we must build a system that leverages technology for the benefits of Humans, not the other way round #leadership

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