• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Treat Leaving Employees With Elegance!

Updated: Jun 1

Job switches, reorganizations, layoffs, are on the increase. When employees decide to leave, employers feel betrayed. When employers lay off, they feel embarrassed. Managers are rarely equipped to turn the page with' elegance'. In those moments of transition, they tend to expedite the process. As an employee, when you are on the way out, you feel that you belong to the past.

So, what does that mean for managers? First, leaving employees can potentially become future clients, suppliers or partners. They may become their future boss. Or a colleague. After a merger for example. Business life is full of surprises. Never say never. Ex-employees can also make or break the reputation of a manager.

Second, the way managers treat leavers says a lot about their sincerity and authenticity in relationships. The impact on the remaining employees is bigger than we may think. They observe, they speak to each other. They make an opinion on the trustworthiness of their managers in those ‘moments of truth’, that have a long-lasting impact on engagement.

It is important to close collaboration with employees elegantly. Not just financially or contractually but humanly, symbolically. This is not just an elegant gesture, but a sound investment.

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