• Olivier S.E. Courtois

The Paradox of Resilience: Going Slow and Fast!

Updated: Jun 1

What has become clearer to you in one year?

Over the last few weeks, I have had the opportunity to listen to many leaders, managers and employees.

What they say, on a positive note: we lose less time in transportation, we have had to optimize our work organization, we are more autonomous, more productive, we have more time for children, etc.

On the negative side: we are losing the emotional link with our brand, I feel alone, isolated, it's not easy for newcomers, we can't do everything at a distance, when we go to the office, it's empty, there's no atmosphere, productivity has dropped, I'm reduced to a pure economic agent, there's no longer the social dimension of work, virtual meetings follow another, we don't even have time for lunch, and so on.

One thing has become clearer to me: the need to consolidate resilience. Resilience implies both acceleration and deceleration, reacting quickly, translating findings into action, while at the same time, taking breaks, to avoid overheating and rushed decisions.

What about you? What are your reflections? What have you implemented in your personal strategies to develop resilience in and around you?

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