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The Other Day I Saw This Quote From Victor Hugo

Updated: Jun 1

" ... and then there are those whom you meet, whom you hardly know, who say a word, a sentence, give you a minute, half an hour, and change the course of your life. " .

👉 Do you have someone in mind who changed the course of your life or your career?

👉 It is difficult to know whom we have influenced. Sometimes, years later, a person we meet accidentally, will thank us for having profoundly changed the course of their life or their career. It's rarely the one we think it is.

👉 This quote leads me to a reflection: do we take enough time to stop and talk, randomly, by walking around, with someone, a student, an employee, a client, without any agenda, with authenticity and kindness.

👉 In our hectic, pressured lives, focused on our priorities, driven by our purpose, driven by our vision, we sometimes forget to take a break.

👉 In these times of social distancing, isn't there an additional opportunity to take a little more time to connect with our teams, our clients, our network.

👉 And you, when was the last time you stopped for a random discussion with someone?

👉 If you are facing a difficult situation, why not take a break? And try one more conversation?

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