• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Something Happened To Me Again, You Won't Believe It!

Updated: Jun 1

This sentence was part of my father's vocabulary, who passed away earlier this year.

Extraordinary things have happened to all of us this year. I had my share: sudden end of a job, creation of my own company, death of my father, then I caught the covid, then three months of lockdown, then an aortic dissection where I almost died, two months of revalidation, landing in the new professional world this fall, and new amazing projects.

And yet, I dare say it has been a FANTASTIC year for me. A year full of 'encounters' all over the world - often from my desk obviously -, full of strong, primary, deep emotions, a year of sharing with great online communities, and many new friends. In the end, a year of transition, where I was able - more than reflecting - to live intensely who I really was, what was the meaning of life for me. A year also of sport, of nature. A year of simplicity and authenticity.

This year has prepared me for the new challenges that lie ahead in 2021. Exciting ones! This post also closes a loop of weekly LinkedIn publications that will have lasted a year.

I wish you a wonderful Christmas, to settle down, make peace with yourself and with those around you. Count your blessings! See you soon! Olivier.

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