• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Slow Leadership

Updated: Jun 1

Have you ever wondered how we ended up in the life that we have today? We tend to build our career on external inputs, on social expectations. We develop a vision of what a successful life should look like and try to comply with it. We develop a career or a life that is dictated by others, opportunities and successes rather than shaped by design.

On occasions, during weekends, we hear the buzz of our ‘inner voice’, the inner signals that constitute our compass - our character, temperament, inner drivers, traits, values, belief system -, but we keep ignoring it when Monday morning arrives.

The prospect of discovering that our life may be in a dead-end and that it is the result of half choices is potentially depressing and scary, and often suffice to deter ourselves from opening the box.

Yet, life cannot be fulfilling and successful without actively listening to our inner voice. Instead of doing more of the same thing, harder, quicker, when facing complexity and mounting pressure, we should stop.

Take time to connect to our inner self. And match our acts with our ‘self’. To unleash our full potential. We will not be able to build a sustainable future for ourselves and our children without slowing down.

I wish you a Slow Year 2020!

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