• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Deadly Sin 5: Poor Coaching

👿 A leader is not a coach, but sometimes s/he needs to become one.

👿 Coaching is one of the 6 available leadership styles and in some circumstances, the most appropriate. It rests on four essential pillars: the ability to ask questions, to suspend judgment, to challenge and help the employee to set stretching goals, and the discipline to follow up. 👿 There are three types of coaching situations.

👿 First, the employee asks himself a question with a clear and unique answer. In this case, no need to beat around the bush. Just give the answer. 👿 Second, the problem is multidimensional. In this case, your questions will be useful to help the employee see the issue from different angles and consider the consequences of each option. 👿 Third, the question does not have an answer. In that case, exploration questions are also necessary. When making suggestions, two or three complementary suggestions should be made that open up the options rather than close them too quickly.

👿 In the end, there is only one leitmotiv: to help the employee not only to make better decisions, but above all to get him/her used to asking the right questions and to follow a process of divergence - convergence - conclusion.

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