• Olivier S.E. Courtois

NDE - Lesson Two: Life Has No Purpose, But to Live!

I woke up in a dark room. My eyes opened and stopped on a clock. The needle pointed at one. I suddenly remembered that I was in a hospital. I probably had my surgery during all that time. I tried to move, and I realized that it hurt and that I was connected to an impressive set of tubes, electrodes, and other barbaric instruments. I was at a standstill.

A few hours later, I would be forced to sit down. Then to walk a few meters, then a whole corridor. Then up a few stairs. Then 15 minutes ...

At each step, I did not have any KPI. I had to progress. I wanted to progress. Nothing obliged me to do so but the impulse of life was stronger than anything else.

Today, I have resumed a new normal life!

I remember a reflection of an Indian sage, who was responding to a stressed executive: 'there is no purpose in life, life is the purpose'.

It is a life lesson that I have felt intensely since then: life is natural, it unfolds. And our life instinct animates us. Of course, we can define a purpose, the sweet spot between what we like to do, what we are able to do and what our environment needs. It helps to live.

But the real purpose in life is ... to live every moment consciously and intensely! The rest is distraction. #leadership #personaldevelopment #performance #purpose


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