• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Motivation Can't Be Bought Nor Controlled!

👉 “Leaders who want true accountability should pay as much attention to this state of mind anchored on feelings of felt accountability as they do to the state of affairs measured by KPIs.”

—Hayagreeva “Huggy” Rao, Stanford University professor.

👉 This statement is more relevant than ever. At a time when companies are redefining their hybrid work models, we have the opportunity to remind ourselves of the sources of motivation.

👉 As Douglas Mc Gregor's Theory Y highlights it, human beings are intrinsically wired to accomplish tasks that they want to be proud of, that they want to manage autonomously and that develop their abilities.

👉 Setting clear goals is essential, but let's not forget that employees are just as driven by their purpose. One of the key tasks of leadership is to make sure that employees fit their personal purpose into the purpose of their organization.

👉 Performance after all is the result of both a commitment to results and a psychological commitment. And the latter cannot be bought. It is built, it is earned.

👉 Every leader has a responsibility in this regard! Besides setting & reviewing goals, how do you support your people's purpose and ensure alignment with organizational purpose?


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