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Let Us Be Impeccable!

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

The floods of the last few days in Belgium, Germany and other European countries, in the middle of July, have triggered a real chain of solidarity: people of all ages, conditions or races have transcended their differences to help the victims.

Our thoughts are with those who have lost everything and with those who are waiting in anguish for news of the missing.

Unfortunately, there is also the other side of the human being. The looters are at work. Some comments on social networks were petty.

We all have the choice to tip one way or the other. So, what determines that choice? And how much influence do (opinion) leaders have over our free will?

In life, as in organizations, the first influence we exert is influence by example. Then comes our words. Every word, in every situation, counts.

To inspire the excellence, let's never forget the influence we have on the people around us! This is the essence and purpose of leadership.

Let us strive to be impeccable!


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