• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Killing Softly

Updated: Aug 11

As a leader, you control two joysticks. The Results joystick. They are measured in market shares, revenue growth, margin, admission rate, new membership, rejection rate, etc. The People joystick: leading people with emotional intelligence. This is measured in employer branding, retention, engagement, trust. Today, while getting results is more difficult and pressure mounts, our organizations need humanity, more than ever. I am meeting leaders who tell me that their people have come back from lockdown changed. One leader, I met recently, shared with me that when he came back from lockdown, after a severe corona that sent him to hospital for 3 weeks, and after winning a major deal, his boss welcomed him with a: "hi, good to see you, where did you put folder X?" ... "Well, I'm doing better thank you, and yes I am happy to have won the deal". This is nearly a caricature. Yet, we have to bring more humanity to the workplace right when results become the main focus. If you don't want to kill people softly, review your leadership style, uncompromisingly. Be aware of the four obstacles to your personal leadership development: ego, lack of self-awareness, natural resistance to change, and old inappropriate beliefs. #leadership

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