• Olivier S.E. Courtois

I Was Reborn Just One Year Ago!

Exactly one year ago, while recording a vlog, I suddenly had a choking sensation. After the surprise wore off, I took my blood pressure: it was 10. I went to the nearest hospital. For a routine check-up, I thought.

👉 Five days later, I was still under observation, leaving all the doctors perplexed. Everything looked fine. Except that my blood pressure had dropped to 7. The following Monday, during the coronography, the verdict fell: I had an aortic dissection. Miraculously, I had resisted five days. I was rushed to the closest university hospital.

👉 Twelve hours later, I woke up. Thank God, I recognized the intensive care unit. I had woken up on the (b)right side of life.

👉 Why was I still alive? Aortic dissections affect 3 out of 100,000 people, randomly. The risk of death is very high and increases with each passing hour. I had resisted for five days. Although the disease is extremely rare, the diagnosis is usually unequivocal. Not in my case: none of the classic symptoms were present.

👉 I am grateful and happy to be alive and well. Yet I can't help but feel sadness when I see our struggles. May we all discern the essential from the superfluous, and lead our lives with authenticity and kindness.

So grateful to have lived one more father's day!

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