• Olivier S.E. Courtois

I Felt Lonely This Morning!

Updated: Jun 1

👉 This morning I was moved by a strange feeling. A bit like a schoolboy preparing for his first day of school. Nothing special, really, just that I went to office.

👉 It's already three months since I joined the Mercuri Urval group. I've had time to get to know the unique culture, to immerse myself in our various solutions, to work with clients and colleagues around the world. Without setting foot in the office!

👉 Today, as I entered the office space, I strongly felt the lack of people. I missed a round table with colleagues around.

👉 If there was only one reason for the office to exist, that would be it: to offer a space of socialization where we co-create, exchange, challenge each other, look at each other in the eyes. The rest after all can be done online, virtually, remotely.

👉 This morning I had a vision: the entire office space is remodeled to become a social platform, where people come purposefully for social reasons. All other functions are performed from home, from a hub, or when suitable in some dedicated areas of the office space.

👉The reinvention of the workspace is certainly one of the exciting projects for the months and years to come. Its implications on leadership will be fascinating to observe!

#leadership #remotework

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