• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Hire People With Good Addictions!

Updated: Jun 1

Happiness is for 50% linked to genetics, 10% to external circumstances. 40%, to mindset. If we agree that being happy at work boosts energy, performance, and collaboration, we should aspire to have happy people at work with a growth mindset.

One good way to do so is to cultivate and capitalise on good addictions. I love communication, turning ideas into impactful messages and trigger off changes that elevate people and society, augment wellbeing, respect, fun, joy. Hire me on my addiction and I'll rock our organization.

If you want to deliver superior value, reach excellence and never grow tired, make sure the main purpose of your job is in line with your best addiction. When you hire people or staff a project, take your people's good addictions into account.

Of course, you may ‘just’ base your choice on skills, experience, and motivation. Or worse, count on loyalty because people need to pay their bills. But an addiction-based approach is a big leap ahead. Addiction is to motivation, what chili is to sugar! It is a turbo motivation. Not everyone has it. Many who have it don't bring it to work. It can lead to excesses if ill-managed. But an addiction to growing, learning, meeting, developing is the best asset you can have! 


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