• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Feeling Tired? Think of Synchronous Communication!

Updated: Jun 1

👉 Recent studies show that the flow of emails and calls creates unprecedented intellectual and physical fatigue. This phenomenon is exacerbated by remote or hybrid work.

👉 These exchanges are described as Asynchronous.

👉 One of our responsibilities is to recreate moments of Synchronous information exchange.

👉 In concrete terms, this means planning and structuring daily or weekly times when everyone exchanges information or asks questions that are put aside for the rest of the time.

👉 This allows to keep longer moments of task concentration. It has been proven that each interruption requires up to 10 minutes to fully refocus on the task.

👉 It is important to be creative in structuring these moments. It is not just a matter of reviewing the steps of a project or task.

👉 It's also about taking a moment to discuss about broader subjects. E.g.: what are the obstacles you have encountered today? What are the encouraging signals you've picked up this week? What are some tips and tricks that you would like to share to improve the way we work? Does anyone have a funny story to tell about what happened to them?

👉 This also forces each of us to summarize the info we want to share!


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