• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Extraordinary vs. Scary

Updated: Jun 1

We are ‘inhabited’ by two powerful forces that fight hard to control us and drive our lives.

One of them, Extraordinary, shows us the way to the world of dreams, ambitions, desire, joy, beauty, freedom. It provides the force that uplifts us and gives us energy and courage to do things, to go the extra mile, to move mountains or just to go out of bed in the morning.

Its contender is Scary. It nourishes fears, anxieties, sadness, a sense of guilt. It makes us ill and drives us mad. Our decisions, impulsive or carefully considered, emerge from the battle between the two. When we are strong, we manage to keep them both at a reasonable distance. But sometimes, one wins over the other one. A single battle or the whole war.

When we become enslaved to Extraordinary, we lose any sense of moderation and wisdom. We let our ego drive our lives. There is no limit. When Scary takes the lead, we abdicate our freedom, we are ready to sacrifice everything to gain a bit of security and tranquillity.

As leaders, we have the heavy responsibility to decide which of the two we want to embody. Do we want to uplift people or do we count on the Scary to control them? How much control are you ready to let go? How does your Scary get in the way of #trust?


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