• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Excel Sheets Are Lazy!

Updated: Jun 1

When you build or lead a business, you know that the ultimate purpose is to create value. And in many cases, the measure of value is money. ROI is the ultimate KPI. Although when it comes to a school, a church, a foundation, the return is much less tangible.

In today's corporations, there is little room for intangibles. Even though we may benefit from considering the overall societal impact of an organization. So, here we are. Making sure we maximize sales and revenue, optimize investments and contain costs. Yet, this should never deviate us from our purpose as a leader which is to grow our business, plant seeds so see them grow and take pride in taking calculating risks for a long-term gain. And risk means small or big successes and but also failures.

We cannot ignore Excel sheets. They are there to remind us of the financial relevance and sustainability of what we are doing. But they don’t make a business grow. They are the brain. But to grow a business you also need the guts and the hands. In every step of our strategic and operational moves, let’s make sure we keep the balance right between the three.

Excel sheets are our best ally, but you don’t let your ally lead the way. They are unemotional and lazy. To build a business you need emotions and courage. 

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