• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Emotion or Reason: What Is Your Preferred Approach?

👉 One of the main characteristics of leaders is to be able to win over people to a common vision. To achieve this, you can use rational arguments.

👉 After all, isn't it also one of a leader's roles to encourage his/her followers to broaden their perspective, to see more clearly, more accurately, to develop their critical analysis, to avoid jumping to conclusions based on partial or biased analyses.

👉 And yet, anthropology and history show that human beings are beings of flesh, blood and emotions, and that appealing to their 'heart' rather than their reason often proves to be a winning strategy!

👉 Socrates was in favour of making the right to vote conditional on some form of education of the citizen, to prevent him or her from voting solely on emotional impulses.

👉 So where is the middle ground?

👉 In politics, there are politicians who play on pure emotion, and at the other extreme, those on operate on thorough argumentation. Many fall somewhere in between these two poles.

👉 In organisations, leaders combine rational and emotional approaches with a personal blend.

👉 How do you experience this in your position? Where do you place your cursor between winning minds and winning hearts?

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