• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Dying In Peace

Updated: Aug 11

Dear readers, I nearly died and I am so blessed to be able to write to you again. Thousands of you have followed me weekly and shared ideas and experience. In some cases, we have become friends or mutual clients/suppliers. In many cases, we have maintained a sense of connection across the globe.

One of my commitments back in December 2019 was to produce one weekly post no matter what. Losing my father end of January, catching Covid-19 in February, only gave me more determination. Yet, destinity had more in store for me. Two weeks ago, as I was recording a podcast, sudden chest pain forced me to a halt and I ended up with a aortic dissection, several hours away from death. I was operated for 7 hours in a row. Thanks to the best infrastructures, and the commitment and professionalism of doctors and nurses, I am ready to start the long rehabilitation process. It is in those moments that one realizes that as individuals we are nothing. But each single individual serves the whole in a unique way. Our unique quest should be to find it out so they the day we die we can close our eyes in peace. I will be back soon. Promised. #leadership


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