• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Dust In The Wind

Updated: Mar 27

Two weeks ago, I received the devastating news that my father had passed away. The death of a very close parent inevitably stirs a lot of emotions and triggers off a lot of reflections. In those painful moments, one is brought back to the true essence of life. No masks anymore, no titles, no roles, no careers. Only life, family and values.

This led me to reflect on a few questions that I would like to share: considering that 95% of who we are is shaped in the first 7 years of our life, what is the legacy that my father has left to me? What have I developed independently (the remaining 5%)? How can this ’moment' help me to become a better person? The day I die, will my kids have the same degree of gratitude and love that I felt towards my father? If not, what can I adjust now while I still have the possibility to do so? How can I apply all this into my private, social and professional life?

As a leader, it is important to get rid of the artefacts of success and performance and to learn to connect with our deep human core. To accept that we are at the same time a unique character, and just dust in the wind. This is the only way to ‘get grounded’, to become respected leaders, to inspire others and create authentic engagement.

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