• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Don't Go Back To The Office!

👉 Well, I admit that my message must be nuanced. But my point is to suggest a key question: are you still a hierarchical organization, even in disguise, or have you switched to the model of a networked company, guided by purpose, process and autonomy?

👉 In the first case, the physical proximity with the hierarchical superior is an indispensable structuring element. Unfortunately, this model is becoming obsolete and no longer suits the new generations and the technological and societal environment that demands innovation, commitment and agility.

👉 An organizational model based on purpose and process is gradually replacing it. In this model, physical concentration is no longer an obligation. It is even an anomaly. Of course, this model does not exclude a form of control, quite the opposite, as the philosopher Gilles Deleuze puts it.

👉 The 'return' to a certain normality and the reflexes it generates are indicative of the model of your organization. If, in the short term, a hybrid model can do, you need to engage an in-depth reflection on the necessary evolution of your organizational and leadership model.

👉 And in this respect, leaders must be at the forefront, not in the control tower!

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