• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Do You Enjoy Your Pain?

👉 Today I had the honor and pleasure to kick off one of the coaching circles in the context of the PWN's Virtual Entrepreneurship Program.

My circle is composed of five wonderful women entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

👉 This reminded me of a fundamental principle of success: to climb mountains and accomplish the impossible, it takes two indispensable ingredients:

1 - Having a purpose that gives a reason for the efforts that we will accomplish, a 'Why'. This purpose however is not sufficient.

2 - Finding pleasure in the effort required, in the pain engendered!

👉 A marathon runner doesn't run just for the pleasure of crossing the finish line. S/he runs because the run, despite the suffering, brings him/her as much joy as the finish line. Without this joy, impossible to endure the training, the run, the last kilometers.

👉 The same goes for entrepreneurs or leaders. You must enjoy the tough part. There is no cheating. If you don't enjoy the pain, the suffering, faking it will not make it.

👉 If you don't like your pain, however compelling your purpose, you may find your whole experience miserable or unproductive.

👉 Love your pain or leave it!

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