• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Do Not Overlook Team Leadership!

👉 A leader must have many qualities. However, there is one that cannot be overlooked: leading a team.

👉 A team is more than the sum of individuals who are managed individually and brought together in meetings.

👉 If you want to evaluate the performance of your team, I suggest a 5-step process:

👉 Commissioning: do you have a clear and aligned view of the expectations of your various stakeholders? Have you not ignored any?

👉 Clarifying: are you clear on the objectives to be achieved with your team? Beyond the individual objectives, have you discussed the team's objectives, its KPI's? How do you measure the team's success?

👉 Co-creating: how do you ensure that team meetings produce real added value beyond the results achieved by individual team members?

👉 Connecting: when you are not together, how do you engage your stakeholders with one voice?

👉 Core learning: how much time and energy is spent on the development of the team's capacity, on the collective, not just of its individual members?

👉 This may lead you to engage in a full review with your team, or to focus on one relevant component.

👉 For more details, please contact me or refer to the work of Peter Hawkins - Henley Business School.

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