• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Deadly Sin 6 - Disengaging Attitudes

Updated: Jun 1

👿 Leaders are humans full of emotions. These emotions serve as both a driving force and a signal.

👿 In times of crisis, they are exacerbated among employees, within each leader and in the markets.

👿 In this context, we have three mechanisms at our disposal:

👿 Flight: this is reflected in behaviors such as not making decisions, avoiding certain discussions, focusing on one's favorite functions to the detriment of those that make sense.

👿 Fight: this results in aggressive behaviors, the multiplication of tactical or even strategic movements, tense interactions with one's environment, the will to be on all fronts.

👿 Freeze: this leads to procrastination, absence, confinement in one's ivory tower, withdrawal into outside activities.

👿 These mechanisms are healthy as long as they are mastered and balanced. They become problematic and potentially toxic when uncontrolled.

👿 In order to be a committed player who champions energy and enthusiasm, it is necessary to proceed with cognitive reframing through reinforced self-awareness, the decoding of the sources of badly mastered behaviours and the courage to change perspective.

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