• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Deadly Sin 4: The Mistrust Paradigm

👿 Are people less productive when they work from home!

👿 I recently heard business leaders conclude: 'we have seen a decrease in productivity of our employees as a consequence of home-based work'. Interesting statement when compared to other completely opposite reactions.

👿 So, more or less productive?

👿 Each situation is different and it would be inappropriate to draw hasty conclusions. However, I can't help but notice that the behavior of remote employees is often the direct result of their company culture. Managers who don't trust engender a culture of compliance not of engagement.

👿 'People are inherently lazy, they need to be controlled, ideally by having them close at hand!'. If leaders think that way, no wonder then when productivity goes down as soon as people are 'free'.

👿 The current situation is an opportunity for some leaders and organizations to question their paradigm and make way for a setup based on motivation by purpose, management by objectives, empowerment through true delegation, and control through continuous and shared feedback.

👿May this period inspire all of us to foster a true trust-based culture!

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