• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Deadly Sin 3: Bad Delegation

Updated: Jun 1

👿 Sometimes, the overall inefficiency of a system results from the accumulation of many tactical faux pas. This happens for example with empowerment, one of the mechanisms to optimise available human resources.

👿 Here are a few examples:

- delegating with the sole purpose of getting rid of something you don't want to do.

- delegating to individuals only to divide and keep control, rather than delegate collectively.

- delegate, then disappear. The lack of presence often sends a signal that the work being done is not your primary concern.

- nervous, tactical delegation: too many controls or spontaneous interventions, guided by one's own stress.

- delegate late because one wanted to keep control and suddenly realized we were not going to make it in time.

- delegate without coaching: the purpose of delegation is not only to distribute work but to develop capabilities. Some leaders do not bother, or do not know how to coach properly.

👿 What about you? What do you observe in your organization?

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