• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Deadly Sin 2: Preference Bias

Updated: Jun 1

👿 Paul(ine) is a victim of her preferences and so are her teams.

👿 By preference, we mean two different things. First, what we like to do or choose to do. ‘I prefer analysis to discussion’.

👿 Second, what we do more naturally, more spontaneously. The first is more in the realm of will, of desire. The second is more a matter of natural, innate talent.

👿 But what is the problem, you may ask?

👿 For example, if Pauline prefers rational analysis to discussions with her peers or collaborators, she may spend more time than necessary on her Excell charts.

👿 A preference for fixing problems rather than anticipating them will lead Pauline to react late and probably nervously to a drift, rather than to be proactive or use strategic thinking.

👿 You see where I'm going with this. The most accomplished organizers all have grey areas in their agendas.

👿 What about your preferences and your agenda? Stop for a moment and think: is there a grey area in your regular practices, something that spontaneously distracts you from optimal (leadership) impact?

👿 Be honest with yourself. Ask a trusted colleague or your assistant if need be for feedback.

👿 And decide to replace a bad habit with a virtuous one!


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