• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Deadly Sin 1: Lack of Presence

Updated: Jun 1

👿 Paul (or Pauline) is absorbed by his business. That said, his employees consider him absent. He only 'comes down to the arena' when things are going badly or to make a hollow announcement!’.

👿 When a leader asked me last week how often he should communicate with a team spread over three continents, I had only one word: Presence. Make sure you are present, perceived as such.

👿 This presence will take different forms and combine different moments: virtual sessions in plenary, squads on specific topics, What's App group, a platform, 'random' chats, more official communication when relevant. 

👿 This cocktail should respond to a skilfully elaborated recipe. Start by building a 'presence plan' (type of sessions, guests, content, preparation, follow-up). 

👿 Keep 'Presence' as the guiding principle.

👿 To be successful, this architecture must meet two criteria:

👿 Variety, in the sequence of events and in the rhythm of each of them. Be creative here.

👿 Attractiveness: the goal and spirit are to create a ritual, an opportunity to build collective intelligence, not to control and review.

👿 Be sure you put 'Presence with your teams' at the core of your activities and find ways to check how your presence is perceived!

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