• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Crisis: Danger & Opportunity!

Updated: Mar 26

The word 'crisis' in Chinese is composed of two characters: 危机

The first one, 'danger', symbolises a man on the edge of the precipice.

The second, 'chance' or 'opportunity'.

These moments of crisis test the leadership of our leaders and managers. But they also forge it.

To take up another Asian concept, the Japanese speak of Takumi, the master craftsmen who have been refining their art for decades. It should be the same with leadership. It is an art that is cultivated over the long term, and that is honed with each crisis.

Let's take advantage of this crisis to create the opportunities of tomorrow and to refine our leadership and prepare the leaders of the future!

My passion and years of experience have led me to practice leadership development and to strive for excellence, day in, day out.

I wish us all strength and humility to end up 2020 and prepare 2021 with hope and enthusiasm!

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