• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Check ✅, I Am Certified!

👉 I have dedicated my career of 35+ years to 'translation'. A conference interpreter by education - translating ideas from one language to the other -, I have spent most of my professional time developing business and developing people, helping people, my clients solving or anticipating problems. Translating their situation into a new language, giving way to new thinking, new feelings, new actions, better results. 👉 To do so, I have used several approaches or postures: negotiation, speaking, facilitation, writing, advising, leading, mentoring and, of course, coaching. 👉 Last year, pre-Covid, I have decided to 'officialise' my coaching experience and embark on a certification journey. Lock down in a way was an opportunity to focus on the task! 👉 This certificate both is a small pebble on the long road and it marks a new beginning. 👉 I would like to thank those who have played a role in my coaching practice during the accreditation process: Manu Henrard, Philippe Kerstenne, Amal Marogy, Denise Whitworth, Fabian A. Orue, Auriel Majumdar, Aurélien MARECHAL, Hanne de Linde, Alessandro Pegoraro, the list is not exhaustive; I should of course add all my clients who have helped me honing my craft! #emcc #executivecoaching #leadership

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