• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Being a Liability, More Than an Asset!

Updated: Jun 1

👿 Sailing in normal conditions allows some mistakes without consequences. Yet, in rough seas, every mistake can send the team overboard.

👿 That's why I wanted to review essential leadership practices especially in the current circumstances.

👿 To conclude this overview, I'd like to emphasize the importance of asking ourselves one question: how can I make sure I am an asset for my organization, not a liability?

👿 Our organizations are under pressure. Our employees are living a unique teleworking experience, the usual markers have changed, and the social dynamics of work are

being disrupted.

👿A return to the old pattern is no longer possible and even if we imagine the end of this crisis, employees will not return to work as if nothing had happened.

👿 This has and will have repercussions on the morale of the troops. They must develop resilience and flexibility.

👿 To infuse energy, to develop the resilience of their teams and their organization, leaders will need to keep the human dimension of their leadership at the centre of their radar screen.

👿 For many, this means taking their own motivation and resilience seriously. To be able to be fully available for others. And to be true leaders, a true asset for their organization.

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