• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Back to the Future! Is Your Team Ready?

👉 Bruce Tuckman described the different stages of team development. With each major event, a new dynamic is set in motion and the team returns to a starting point: the forming and - soon after - storming stages.

👉 Many leadership teams today return to the office physically. They are faced with many challenges.

👉 First, they feel the need to review the elements that can strengthen their cohesion after a period of distancing.

👉 Second, they need to quickly align on how to plan for employees' return after the summer.

👉 This is an exciting process to which I was invited by several clients in different sectors: banking, technology, industry, pharmaceutical. To facilitate their reflection process and establish a roadmap.

👉 And you, on a slider of 1 to 10, where is your team in terms of cohesion and alignment on the key issues of the coming months?

👉 Why not take advantage of the (relative) calm of this summer to work on it!

Have a great summer!

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