• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Are You Asking The Right Questions?

👉 We are all aware of the power of good questioning and listening. Mastering questioning, consciously navigating between assertions, open and closed questions, is part of the toolkit of accomplished communicators and leaders.

👉 However, the other day, during an exchange with a client, I saw myself in the position of questioner and I suddenly wondered if my questions were motivated by my need to understand, to see more clearly, or by the willingness to help my interlocutor see more clearly.

👉 As a coach, this is simple! One of the fundamental principles of coaching rests on maieutics. Maieutics is at the heart of Socratic philosophy. It is defined as the delivery of minds. Through questioning, the mind of the person being questioned comes to find the 'truths' within itself.

👉 In everyday life, however, our questions are often motivated by our desire to know more rather than by a conscious effort to help the person we are talking to become more aware.

👉 Next time, why not try this? Focus fully on the person you are talking to. Ask a few questions with the sole desire to help him/her see clearer. Do not try to guide the conversation, follow their course!

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