• Olivier S.E. Courtois

Against all odds, I survived my NDE! (lessons learned)

In my last post, I promised to come back to you soon. Eight weeks after my operation, I have almost completely recovered physically, and I am working on my business again.

Of course, you do not come out of such a life-changing experience unscathed - I call it my "near-death experience". Because it mows you down without warning. In an instant, you lose all control over your life. It forces you to wait without knowing what is happening.

Then it confronts you with the brutal news that your life is hanging by a thread and that there is no guarantee of success with the only chance of survival (in more abrupt terms, statistically, I should be dead by now).

It then confronts you with pain. It diminishes you. It makes your loved ones anxious. Later, it forces you to practice doing simple things that you used to do naturally. It takes away all your energy and leaves you alone with yourself. There is no future. Just now.

Today I am alive (again). For how long? Who knows! But it makes life even more exciting. In my next few posts, I will share some reflections on how this impacted me. Hopefully, this may give you some insights as well!

See you soon!

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