• Olivier S.E. Courtois

A Round Of Applause To All Leaders And Decision-Makers

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

It is customary these days to applaud nurses, doctors, garbage collectors, and all those who dedicate their time to save or improve our lives. They absolutely deserve it, and it is a shame that we needed a crisis to recognise their value. But I would also like to applaud all those who must make multiple decisions with uncertain prospects and partial or contradictory information. I think of politicians (I can see some of you cringe at this stage). The scientists or experts who advise them are praised for their composure and expertise, but few recognize how difficult it is for decision-makers to absorb all the data, comments, and opinions, arbitrate, and chose for one option, that will inevitably be criticized. I also think of leaders and business owners. They need to make the right decisions to keep their business afloat, ensure a long-term future to their organization, if there is still one, contain or cut costs, taking their employees' health into account, preserve the reputation of their brand. And in many cases, lay off the talent they were used to work with or simply go bankrupt and lose the investment of their life. One may argue that they are better paid than nurses. Fair point. But we are all humans. So, a round of applause to all! hashtag#leadership

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