• Olivier S.E. Courtois

A New Life Begins For Me!

👉 The year 2020 has been a completely unusual year for many of us. It was definitely a year of transformation for me.

👉 Transformation in pain, with the death of my father, the Corona, fortunately in a light version, an aortic dissection which I miraculously survived, and people around me affected by illness or crisis and sometimes struck by death.

👉 Transformation in joy & hope too: very rich reflections, numerous exchanges, exciting projects to transform companies and leaders. I have also had the opportunity to take the EMCC Global coaching accreditation process seriously.

👉 I have met fantastic people and the list is too long to thank them all for what they have brought to me!

👉 But among these meetings, one was going to open a new page in my life book.

👉 On next Monday, I will join Mercuri Urval. I was seduced by their values above all, the people I have met, the solidity of their approach and their tools, and their ambition.

👉 I will continue to develop and execute leadership services 'as usual' (org. healthchecks, assessment, development, consulting) albeit with increased firepower.

👉 A new beginning then. Let's meet again this year to work together to strengthen our organizations and leaders.

#leadership #mercuriurval #emcc

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